Data Security


This site is to assist in the protection of the City of Detroit’s informational resources from accidental or intentional unauthorized access, maintaining information accuracy and insuring information is available when needed. The protection is while also preserving the ability to use the information for serving our constituents and allowing employees and third party partners the ability to make timely and accurate business decisions. This Site depicts how all city employees and business partners can assist. Finally proper protection of sensitive information insures that the city is legally compliant.


The goal of the City of Detroit Data Security Program that this site supports is to ensure the…

  • Confidentiality,
  • Integrity and
  • Availability

of each piece of information owned by or entrusted to the City of Detroit.


Data Security applies to all business units, personnel, business partners, suppliers and service providers as defined by City of Detroit. The program is required to cover all information at the City of Detroit, which could include data, and information that is

  • Stored on databases
  • Stored on computers and mobile devices (flash drives, smart phones, etc.)
  • Transmitted across internal and public networks
  • Printed or handwritten on paper, white boards etc.
  • Sent by facsimile (fax), telex or other communications method
  • Stored on removable media such as CD-ROMs, hard disks, tapes, mobile computing devices (PDA’s, flash drives) and other similar media
  • Stored on fixed media such as hard disks and disk sub-systems
  • Held on film or microfiche
  • Presented on slides, overhead projectors, using visual and audio media
  • Spoken during telephone calls and meetings or conveyed by any other method