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Street Sweeping

The city is divided into eastside and westside sweeping sections. The division sweeps local, major and state trunklines beginning in mid-April of each year. Sweeping crews post "No Parking" signs in areas to be swept 2 days before the scheduled sweeping. To ensure that parked vehicles do not hamper street cleaning efforts on the day of sweeping, the Municipal Parking Authority will ticket all parked vehicles.

The sweeping process starts with water vehicles flushing the areas to control airborne dust particles, and follows with sweeper vehicles collecting street dirt and debris as close to the curb as possible.

Every effort is made to sweep your street on days that do not conflict with your scheduled refuse or bulk collection days.

Tip: The sweepers will not collect leaves intentionally raked to the curb/street.

All yard waste must be placed on the curb at least six feet from your Courville container in biodegradable paper bags or a personal garbage can. DPW will not collect yard waste in plastic bags. Residents who set out yard waste more than 24 hours before their scheduled pickup will be subject to a fine.
Yard waste collection will begin in May and last through the first few weeks of December (weather permitting). Yard waste will be collected on the same day as your scheduled weekly trash collection.

DPW encourages residents to mulch yard clippings and to compost all yard waste, leaves and vegetation matter.