City of Detroit Lean Resources

City of Detroit Lean Resources

Lean Detroit

Lean: Detroit Employees Fixing City Processes

Welcome to the City of Detroit’s Lean Resources Page.  We will be adding new content frequently.  Check back weekly to see what is new.

Lean Projects

General Services Department
Project 1:
Enhancing the Napa parts ordering process so our mechanics have the parts they need to repair city vehicles.

Project 2: Is there a better way to mow vacant lots throughout the city?

Project 3: How to we log and evaluate dead tree complaints?

Department of Public Works
Project 4: How do we establish a better snow removal process in preparation for next winter?

Project 5: How do we log pothole complaints and is there a better process for completing repairs?

Project 6: How do we simplify the process for citizens or businesses needing right of way permits and permits for special events?

Project 7: Is there a better way to respond to complaints of missing traffic signs or malfunctioning traffic signals?

Human Resources Department

Project 8: How do we decrease the amount of time it takes the city to hire and onboard new employees?

Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT)
Project 9: How can we increase the number of on-time starts for our buses each shift?

Project 10: Is there a better parts or repair process to service our buses? 

Finance Department
Project 11: How do we reduce the amount of time it takes items to move through the purchasing process?

Project 12: Is there a better way to process income tax refunds for our citizens?

Buildings and Safety Engineering Department

Project 13: Is there a better way to capture code enforcement complaints, citations and to collect fines from tickets issued?

Project 14: Is there a way to expedite the site plan review process?

Project 15: How do we improve the time it takes to get a business license in the City?

Project 16: How do we reduce the time it takes for citizens and businesses to receive a Certificate of Occupancy?

Information and Technology Services Department
Project 17: How do we respond quickly and close-out issues brought to the help desk by employees?

Public Lighting Department

Project 18: Is there a way to streamline complaints received and repairs made to damaged or malfunctioning lights?