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Department of Elections

The Department of Elections shall plan, monitor and administer all elections in the city.

The Department of Elections is headed by the City Election Commission composed of:

1. The City Clerk, who is chairperson;
2. The President of the City Council; and
3. The Corporation Counsel.

The M-100 and the Automark Ballot Marking System will be introduced to Detroit voters in the August 8, 2006 Primary Election. The M-100 is user friendly and can detect an incorrectly voted ballot. For more information relating to the introduction of this equipment, see the M-100 page.

For specific information regarding polling locations, call (313) 876-0190; or by using search for your polling location using your name as it appears on the voter registration card.
Detroit Code - Section 3-102
Department of Elections Office and Staff Directory
Department of Elections main web page at the City of Detroit Website

Election Commission
The Detroit Election Commission heads the Department of Elections and has general supervision of all elections in the city. The City Clerk, subject to the approval of the Election Commission, appoints a director and deputy director of the Department of Elections who shall plan, monitor and administer all elections in the city.