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Site Plan Review

Site Plan Review (SPR) is mandated by the City of Detroit Zoning Ordinance Chapter 61 in several specific instances including all Conditional Land Uses (Section 61-3-113). Depending on the zoning district, either the Planning and Development Department (P&DD) or City Council (through the City Planning Commission) has the power to review and approve site plans. BSEED is authorized to participate in the review process.

To apply for SPR, three sets of properly dimensioned and drawn-to-scale Site, Floor, and Elevation Plans must be submitted along with the appropriate fee ($100.00 for Conditional Uses and $160.00 for all other uses) to the Plan Review Division, Room 409. Staff will review the plans for compliance with zoning, design, and operational requirements, typically within 10 days of receipt of a complete submission package. The applicant will be informed of necessary modifications, alterations, and/or improvements or, if the plans meet all standards, they will be approved and the public hearing will be scheduled (if required).