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What Owners Of Commerical Properties Should Know

The Buildings and Safety Engineering Department (BSED) will aggressively enforce blight violations.  Violators should remember that it’s not enough to pay penalties.  Violators must correct problems.  If not, a second or third violation may be issued with a higher fine.

    * Operating a business without a permit (and/or license where required) is illegal.  Contact BSED to find out what to do to establish your business legally.  Information regarding the installation of signs to advertise your business is available from the department also.
    * Changing the use of a building usually involves obtaining a permit.  Check with BSED before changing the use of any building or structure.
    * Special Land Use Grants permit owners to operate certain businesses under special conditions.  These conditions must be met at all times.  Failure to adhere to these conditions will result in a violation and possible fine.  An annual inspection is conducted to ensure that those conditions are being met.
    * Commercial property is subject to an annual inspection.  Licenses are approved for renewal only when inspections by BSED certify that the building is safe and fit for the intended use.  Owners of commercial properties must obtain a Certificate of Compliance from BSED certifying that the building is safe for occupancy.
    * Building exterior condition, including signs, parking lots and unpaved portions of the property, must be maintained in a clean and safe condition.