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File A Complaint Regarding A Property

The BSEED Property Maintenance Division reviews complaints regarding the condition of residential, commercial or substandard property. Complaints may be filed by phone or mail with the Buildings, Safety Engineering and Environmental Department Property Maintenance Division.

Complaint Information
Complaints may include but not are limited to violations of codes, failure to maintain interior and/or exterior property, rodent infestation, inoperable vehicles, failure to remove snow and ice from sidewalks, failure to comply with emergency orders, vacant/open/dangerous buildings and abandoned properties.

To assist in addressing complaints, the following pertinent information is required:
    Name, address, and phone number of complainant
    Property location and address of problem property
    Detail description of the complaint

Submit a Complaint
By Phone - In an effort to serve our customers more efficiently; complaints received over the phone require special attention; which may take the call a little longer. Contact the Property Maintenance Call Center at 313-628-2451

By Mail - Correspondence should be mailed to:
    Buildings, Safety Engineering and Environmental Department
    Coleman A. Young Municipal Center
    2 Woodward Avenue, Room 412
    Attention: Property Maintenance Division
    Detroit, MI 48226