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Certificates Issued By Property Maintenance

Certificate of Rental Registration

A Certificate of Rental Registration is free of charge and is an advantage for landlords when potential tenants are seeking a place to rent.  Landlords that are in compliance with the City of Detroit Codes and Ordinances have a greater chance of licensing their property.  According to the City of Detroit Property Maintenance Code (Chapter 9), if a dwelling is not an owner-occupied, single-family dwelling, then it is considered residential rental property.  Residential rental properties include: 1 and 2-family homes, multiple dwellings, apartment buildings, hotels, motels, shelters, rooming houses, etc. as well as rooms rented within a single-family, owner-occupied home.

To receive a Certificate of Rental Registration, the owner is required to:

•    Fill out a rental registration form and submit it to the Building Safety Engineering & Environmental Department and the certificate will be mailed to the owner or their representative.

Certificate of Compliance for Residential & Commercial Properties

A Certificate of Compliance is required for all commercial buildings, structures and residential rental properties in the City of Detroit, with the exception of single-family, owner-occupied dwellings.  The Certificate of Compliance means, that the property was inspected and meets the minimum requirements of the Detroit Property Maintenance Code and/or Zoning Ordinance.  The Certificate of Compliance is valid for one (1) year from the date of the initial inspection.

To receive a Certificate of Compliance on a Residential rental property or Commercial property, the owner is required to:

•    Have a complete and current inspection of the property that is not older than one (1) year.
•    Complete all repairs listed on the correction order.
•    Call for a re-inspection for verification that the repairs have been completed in a workmanlike manner.
•    Have a valid Certificate of Rental Registration, if applicable.
•    Comply with all provisions of a Special Land Zone Grant, if applicable.
•    Pay all inspection fees that have been assessed.

Certificate of Maintenance of Grant Conditions

A Certificate of Maintenance of Grant Conditions is required annually for all properties that have a Special Land Use Grant. A Special Land Use Grant allows a business to operate in a zoning area that is otherwise not allowed to operate in that zoning area as a matter of right.  

The process requires a Special Land Use hearing, which involves the neighboring residents and businesses where the proposed business will be located. If permission is granted, a formal document called a Special Land Use Grant is drafted and issued to the owner of the proposed business, granting permission to proceed with opening the business under certain conditions. Each year the Building Safety Engineering & Environmental Department is charged with the task of assuring that those grant conditions are maintained in the manner in which they were approved. When the department finds that this is so, a Certificate of Maintenance of Grant Conditions is issued to the owner for that year.