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Blight Ordinance Enforcement Information

In November 24, 2004, the City of Detroit adopted amendments to Chapter 9 of the 1984 Detroit City Code, adding the Detroit Blight Ordinance that became effective December 1, 2004.

The Buildings, Safety Engineering  and Environmental Department (BSE&ED) enforces sections of the Blight Ordinances governing property maintenance and zoning, maintaining the quality and usefulness of residential and commercial properties.

To make our community a clean, healthy and pleasant place to live, the City of Detroit adopted a new approach for residents and business owners who violate local property maintenance, safety, zoning and health-related ordinances.  The City of Detroit will cite citizens and business owners for violations of property maintenance, zoning, solid waste, and illegal dumping ordinances.  Penalties range from a minimum of $100 per occurence up to $10,000 per occurence, depending on the violation.  

BSE&ED will cite renters and property owners for:

    Failure to obtain certificates of compliance
    Failure to register rental property
    Rat infestation or problems with rodents
    Failure to register, secure and maintain vacant property
    Violations of inoperable vehicle codes
    Failure to maintain interior and exterior of rental property
    Failure to comply with emergency orders

In addition to the above, Commercial property owners also will be cited for:

    Change of building use without a permit
    Change of land use without a permit
    Failure to obtain a certificate of maintenance of grant conditions
        Violation of Special Land Use Grants
        Failure to maintain parking lots and exterior of property

Previously, citations issued for these violations were criminal misdemeanors and adjudicated at the 36th District Court. They are now civil offenses, which will be heard and resolved more quickly with more appropriate penalties at the newly created Department of Administrative Hearings (DAH).

DAH address is as follows-

Department of Administrative Hearings
Coleman A. Young Municipal Center
Two Woodward Avenue
Administration, Suite 103
Hearing Rooms, Suite 1004
Detroit, Michigan 48226