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When You Need a License to Perform Plumbing Work

Do you need a license to do plumbing work?

To obtain plumbing permits, an applicant shall be a licensed plumbing contractor or a homeowner installing his/her own plumbing, building sewer, or private sewer. The state or a governmental subdivision shall require the plumbing contractor to record his or her current plumbing contractor license number on the permit application. A licensed plumbing contractor shall designate 1 or more licensed master plumbers employed full-time who directly supervise the installation of plumbing to obtain permits using the license number of the plumbing contractor. The master plumber's license number must also be recorded on the permit application.

Permits for a building sewer/private sewer or water service, only, may be issued to other than licensed contractor/master plumbers. Contact should be made with the enforcing agency to determine any local requirements relating to water services and building sewer installation which may be in effect.