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Plumbing Certification Information

  • Certificate of Acceptance: Issued by Plumbing Division to holder of permit for work installed that has been approved by the plumbing inspector.
  • Certificate of Plumbing Inspection: Issued by Plumbing Division to the owner of the property upon final inspection of any structure newly erected.
  • Certificate of Registration: Issued by the Plumbing Division to properly licensed State of Michigan Plumbing Contractor. The current registration and license must be carried on the supervising employee of the company while employed or engaged in the task of supervising or installing plumbing.
  • Certificate of Plumbing Re-Inspection: Issued by the Plumbing Division after the structure or premise is found to reasonable comply with the provisions of the plumbing code. The certificate of plumbing re-inspection is associated with the plumbing survey/cross connection control program for industrial/commercial/assembly and other types of buildings.

Please Note: Above Certifications can only be obtained at the Buildings, Safety Engineering and Environmental Department