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Complaints may be in writing or relayed by phone or other means, and should include the following information:

  •     Name, Address and Phone Number of Complainant.
  •     Job location (if different from complainant's address).
  •     Name and address of the company that the complaint is against.
  •     Name(s) of individual(s) contacted at the company.
  •     License number of contractor (if known).
  •     Indicate the task (i.e., install/repair specific equipment/plumbing) that the contractor was hired to perform.
  •     Indicate those aspects of the job that are not correct.
  •     Indicate whether permits were secured and inspections performed.
  •     Attach copies of any substantiating documents (i.e., contract, proposal, invoice, etc.)
  •     Upon receipt of the complaint, the plumbing division reviews the documentation to determine if an investigation is to be initiated, or if additional information is required.

Note: The Plumbing Division does not have the authority to intervene in monetary or contractual disputes.