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Trade Permit Requirements

The mechanical, electrical and plumbing divisions of the Buildings, Safety Engineering and
Environmental Department are responsible for approving permits, conducting inspections of
permitted work, conducting periodic inspections of buildings, and conducting trade licensing
examinations (mechanical and electrical only). The City issues trade permits to protect the public by
ensuring that work is being performed by qualified people.

Home Sellers: Qualified homeowners who received certain types of plumbing, electrical or
mechanical violations must obtain permits and schedule another inspection after violations have
been corrected.

Home Construction/Additions:
Qualified homeowners must obtain permits and schedule
inspections for plumbing, electrical and mechanical work performed within his/her premise in
accordance with local ordinances. Most major construction or replacement activities require a
licensed contractor.

Permit applications are available at the Permit Information Center located on the Fourth Floor of the
Coleman A. Young Municipal Center or call 628-2711 or (313) 628-2712.

Trade Examinations for Licensing
The electrical and mechanical divisions offer examinations to qualify contractors for licenses for a
variety of trades. These licenses are required to perform work in the City of Detroit. Examinations
are conducted for the following:

Master Electrician    Journeyman Electrician     Electrical Apprentice   Fire Alarm Contractor 
Sign Contractor    Sign Specialist    High/Low Pressure Boiler    Elevator Contractor
  Stationary Engineer
(Class 1,2,3)
   Refrigeration Journeyman    Refrigeration Operator
(Class 1,2,3)
  Fire Alarm Apprentice     Electrical Contractor    

Scheduling Plumbing, Electrical or Mechanical Inspections

Inspections for work for which permits have been issued are conducted for all commercial and
residential activity. The permit holder must call (313) 224-3202 to schedule the appropriate

Inspection Procedure

When the work has been completed, the contractor or qualified homeowner who obtained the permit
must call the appropriate division below to schedule the following inspection:

Boilers    224-3210
Electrical    224-3202
Elevator    224-9401
Mechanical (Heating & Air Conditioning)    224-3202
Plumbing    224-3202

If the inspector finds that the work was done properly, the contractor will be sent a Certificate of
Acceptance, if requested. If there are violations, a notice will be mailed to the contractor within 2 to
3 days. A re-inspection should be scheduled after violations are corrected.

Trade Permit Requirements for Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing .pdf