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Plan Review Codes, Ordinances and Acts

    Plan Review Ordinance 255-H
    2009 Michigan Building Code
    2009 Michigan Residential Code
    2009 Michigan Rehabilitation Code for Existing Buildings
    Zoning Ordinance (City of Detroit)
    Ordinance 290-H (Wrecking)
    2008 Electrical Code Rules – Part 8
    Detroit city Code 604-H
    City of Detroit Elevator Code Ordinance 370H & 568H
    2009 Michigan Mechanical Code Book
    Ordinance 390-H
    2009 Michigan Plumbing Code.
    Plumbing Ordinance 255-H
    Plumbing Ordinance 256-H
    Plumbing Ordinance 471-H
    Plumbing Ordinance 81-F
    State of Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Safe Drinking Water Act PA 399, 1976, as amended.
    Zoning Ordinance Chapter 61
    2009 Michigan Uniform Energy Code