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Request a Mechanical Inspection

There are several types of mechanical inspections that may be requested. They include, but are not limited to the following:

  •     Biennial
  •     Business License
  •     Final
  •     Fire Alarm
  •     Fire Suppression
  •     Information
  •     Investigation
  •     Overtime (after hours)
  •     Re-inspection
  •     Rough
  •     Special or Shop
  •     Permit
  •     Major on-going project
  •     Complaint against contractor

If the request is for a mechanical inspection regarding a complaint against a contractor, then a supervisor will take the complaint and arrange for the inspection. If the request is for a mechanical inspection involving a major on-going project, then the project's lead inspector, the Mechanical Clerk, or a supervisor will arrange for the inspection.

If the request is for a mechanical inspection for a job that has already been recorded in the Mechanical Division's computer system, the contractor may make his/her request by phoning any of the following:

Master scheduling number is: (313) 224-3202
Clerk's numbers are: (313) 224-2054 or (313) 224-0113
Supervisor's numbers are: (313) 224-3189 and (313) 224-3191

Requests for mechanical inspections may also be submitted in person at:

Buildings, Safety Engineering and Environmental Department
Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, Room 408

Two Woodward Avenue
Detroit, Michigan 48226

Requests for mechanical inspections require the following information to be provided:

  •     Requestor's Name
  •     Job Name
  •     Job contact phone number
  •     Job address
  •     Permit number
  •     Reason for request
  •     A ladder must be provided for all rood top equipment

Requests for mechanical inspections may only be submitted by the following persons:

  •     The permit holder or an employee of the permit holder
  •     The owner/general contractor or a designated representative.

Note: The designated representative must provide a signed and notarized letter from the owner/general contractor, and contact phone number for the owner/general contractor.

Inspection Timeframe
In some instances the supervisor may be able to arrange for an immediate inspection or the next business day (exclude holidays, weekends and Furlough Days). We try to schedule inspections to be within 48 hours of the request. On some days the scheduling is so heavy that the mechanical clerks realize that there won't be enough inspectors for the date requested therefore have to schedule for a date 72 or more hours down the line.