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Request A Refund for Overpayment

Step 1:    The following step by step instructions are intended to assist the applicant in properly completing the "Application for Refund of Permit,License, & Certificate Fees" form. It is important that the following instructions be followed very closely to ensure that the application is approved in a timely manner.

The step-by-step instructions to complete the Application for Refund of Permit, License, & Certificate Fees form.

Step 2:    Pick up an application at the City of Detroit office on the 4th floor or print the application at Complete all required information in the application and have the original receipt. If the refund is for a building permit, the customer must have their yellow carbon copy receipt.

Click here for the "Application for Refund of Permit, License, & Certificate Fees" form.

Step 3:  
 Once the customer completes the refund application, someone from the BSEE staff will make a copy of the refund application and the receipt. BSEE will keep all of the original documents, and give the customer the copies.

Step 4: 
   The customer information is entered into the system for tracking purposes.

Step 5: 
   The application is forwarded to the appropriate division awaiting approval or denial. If application is approved, a check request is submitted. If the application is denied a denial letter is sent to the customer stating why they were denied.

Step 6:    
A copy of the approval is submitted to the Finance Accounts Payable Division for processing the refund check.

Refund Check is sent to customer

Someone from the BSEE Staff will update the system indicating that the customer has received their check and note that the case as closed.