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When You Need a Permit




It shall be unlawful to commence with any of the following operations without first having secured a permit from the Buildings and Safety Engineering Department.

The erection, rebuilding, (such as fire damage repairs), alteration, rehabilitation, ordinary repair (such as but not limited to plaster, trim, roof, chimney); the surfaces of floors, walls, porches, steps; repair or installation of doors, windows, eavestroughs, downspouts, storm doors, storm windows and the application of paint   when the contract price for such repair is three thousand dollars ($3,000 or more), moving, re-roofing, siding, installation, demolition of any building or other structures or part thereof, including marquees, awnings over public property, the installation of permanently fixed boilers, furnaces or heating plants of any type, wharves, miscellaneous structures vaults, areaways and other accessories to buildings, except such construction as involves only minor repairs or alterations and not involving a contract for three thousand dollars ($3,000 or more) or any changes in structural parts, stairways, elevators, classifications as to type of construction, light and ventilation, means of egress and ingress, and not otherwise conflicting with the code; provided, however, that a permit must be secured for any change in occupancy or use of any building even though no alterations are  made or required;

Permit for the construction of any marquee, areaway, vaults, or other projection extending beyond the property line, other than those specifically permitted in the code, shall only be issued after applicant has obtained the permission of the Environmental Protection and Maintenance Department, and if necessary, the City Council;

The erection of any projecting signs in excess of two (2) square feet;

The erection of any signboard or poster except as provided in the code and the erection of any roof sign;

The installation of any elevators or hoists covered by the ordinance on elevators;

The installation or alteration of any boiler, furnace, steam-actuated machinery, refrigerating apparatus, high-pressure steam mains, or any mechanical or chemical apparatus, which by reason of faulty installation, deterioration of any other cause might become a menace to life or property when permits for such installations are required by separate ordinance;

The installation or alteration of any plumbing or drainage work except street mains and laterals when required by the plumbing code;

The installation or alteration of any electrical wiring or equipment governed by the electrical code;

The installation of oilburners for heating and tanks for fuel oil for use in these burners when required by separate ordinance;

The installation of gas-fired space heating equipment when required by separate ordinance;

The installation and maintenance of air pressure vessels when required by separate ordinance;

The installation of combustion equipment and air pollution control equipment when required by separate ordinance;

Permit to store, handle, use, sell or transport flammable liquids shall be obtained from the fire commissioner of the Detroit Fire Department.

Permit to store or handle acetylene gas and calcium carbide and the use of acetylene generators shall be obtained from the fire commissioner of the Detroit Fire Department.

Permit to sell, handle and use dynamite shall be obtained from the fire commissioner of the Detroit Fire Department.

Sec. 12-11-16.2  Permit Review Areas:  Notwithstanding any other provision in this ordinance, whenever, because of civil disturbance, fire or an act of God, there is extensive destruction of buildings and  structure, the City  Council may by resolution designate areas within the city where a building permit shall be issued only after approval by the City Council or any department they may designate.  A permit may be issued after a finding  is made by the City Council or the designated department that the issuance of such permit will not adversely affect the redevelopment of the designated areas that have been destroyed.

Section 12-11-16.3 Form of Application:  The application for a permit shall be submitted in such form as the building official may prescribe and shall be accompanied by the required fee.

Section 12-11-16.4 By Whom Application is Made:  Application for a permit shall be made by the owner or lessee of the building or structure, or agent of either, or by the licensed engineer or architect employed in connection with the proposed work.  If the application is made by a person other than the owner in fee, it shall be accompanied by a duly verified affidavit of the owner or the qualified person making the application that the proposed work is authorized by the owner in fee and that the applicant is authorized to make such application.  The full names and addresses of the owner, lessee, applicants, and the responsible officers, if the owner or lessee is corporate body, shall be stated in the application.

Section 12-11-16.5 Description of Work: The application shall contain a (1) general description of the proposed work (2), its location, (3) the use and occupancy of all parts of the building structure and of all portions of the site or lot not covered by the building or structure, and such additional information as may be required by the building official.

Section 12-11-16.6 Plans and Specifications: (4) The application for the permit shall be accompanied by not less than two (2) copies of specifications and of plans drawn to scale with sufficient clarity and detail dimensions to show the nature and character of the work to be performed.  (5) The application shall state the valuation of the proposed work.  When quality of materials is essential for conformity to the code, specific information shall be given to establish such quality; and the code shall not be cited, or the term  Legal  or its equivalent be used, as a substitute for specific information.

Note: All Building and Trade Permits may be obtained at the Zoning and Permit Counter, Room 402, Coleman A. Young Municipal Center.