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Permit Forms

Permits on this site are available for downloading (for printing purposes only) or viewing using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to download the current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Click on the appropriate link below. Print and sign form and bring to the appropriate BSEED office. Permits cannot be submitted electronically.

Boiler Permit
Boiler Permit Application.pdf

Building Permits
The Building Permit Applications for Erection of New Builidngs or Structures, Additions, Alterations or Repairs and to Dismantle or Move Buildings or Structures (Demolition) have been combined into one new application.
Application for Building Permit .pdf

Application for Building Permit for Erection of Signs and Poster Boards .pdf

Application of Permit to Erect or Repair Fixed Awnings .pdf

Business License Center

Weights and Measures Motor Truck Permit Application .pdf

Electrical Permit

Application for Electrical Permit .pdf
Elevator Permits
Application For Permit to Install Elevator, Dumbwaiter or Escalator .pdf
Application For Permit to Alter Elevator, Dumbwaiter or Escalator .pdf

Mechanical Permit
Mechanical Permit Application .pdf

Plumbing Permit

Plumbing Permit Application.pdf