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Learn About Utility Escrow Program

Utility Escrow Program

Step 1:    BSEE Licenses and Permits (L&P) Division receives a letter from Detroit Edison (DTE) and/or Detroit Water & Sewerage Department (DWSD) that service is scheduled to be shut-off at the listed rental property address and gives the scheduled shut-off date.

Municode to look up the ordinance for chapter 56, Article 4, of the City of Detroit Section 56-4-23.

Step 2:    Tenant must request and fill-out the "Special Escrow Account For Rental Property" form from the utility company and submit to the

Buildings, Safety Engineering and Environmental Department
Licenses and Permits
4th Floor Coleman A. Young Municipal Center
Two Woodward Avenue
Detroit, MI 48226

In order for the program to begin for the rental property mentioned in the shut-off notice the following must happen:

1. Tenants must be enrolled in the "Utility Escrow Program" by the shut-off date.
2. 90% of renters must participate.
3. Total of all renters participating in the "Utility Escrow Program" monthly rental payment must equal to the monthly utility bill received from DTE and/or DWSD. For example, if the monthly utility bill equal $10,000.00 then the total amount of all the tenants monthly rent must equal $10,000.00

Note: If one of the above is not met, tenants will not be able to participate in the program.

Step 3:    If the tenants qualify for the program:

  •     Utility company is notified.
  •     Tenants will make rental payments to BSEE L&P until further notice.
  •     Paid receipt is provided to tenant.

If the tenants do not qualify for the program:

  •     Utility company is notified.
  •     Rental payment is refunded to tenant (where applicable).

Please Note: The Refund Process is approximately six to eight weeks.