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Process Steps for Electrical Contractor's License

Step 1    Step-By-Step Instructions for completing the Electrical Contractor's License Application is available online by visiting the City of Detroit website (under the Buildings, Safety Engineering and Environmental Department). This document will guide you on how to complete the application accurately to ensure approval in a timely manner

Step 2: 
   Applications are available online (for printing purposes only) or by visiting the City of Detroit Buildings, Safety Engineering and Environmental Department Electrical Division (Room 408) at Two Woodward Avenue, Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, Detroit, MI 48226 between the hours of 8:00AM - 4:00PM, Monday through Friday.

All fields are REQUIRED on the application EXCEPT WHERE NOTED. Supporting documentation: Drivers License, State of Michigan ID, 2 Passport sized pictures of applicant, City of Detroit Issued Master Electrician License (if applicant holds or hires a Master Electrician License holder) MUST be provided along with the application.

Other requirements:

  •     Must have a City of Detroit Business Address.
  •     Applicant must hold a Master Electrician License or have a Master Electrician employed full-time by applicant and residing in Michigan. The master electrician shall be actively in charge of and responsible for code compliance of all installations of electrical wiring and equipment.

Must complete Electrical Contractor's License application per below:

If applicant is a Master Electrician himself: please complete Part A & C only.
If hiring a Master Electrician License holder: Complete Parts A & B only (this happens after the applicant has passed the Electrical Contractor's License exam).

Step 3:  
 Submit applications with documentation to Electrical Division in Room 408 for approval from Board of Electrical Examiners.

Documentation Required:

    Drivers License.
    If applicant is Licensed Master Electrician need copy of applicant's Master Electrician License.
    If Master Electrician hired need copy of hired individuals Master Electrician License.
    2 Passport sized pictures of applicant.

Step 4:    If Denied:
Applicant will need to provide requested information sent by the Board with notification of denial and applicant will need to resubmit to the board for approval.

If Approved: Applicant will need to come down to Electrical Division to pay for Electrical Contractor's License exam and can then schedule an exam date (2nd Tues and Wed of each month). Exam is scheduled in room 408 of the Electrical Division.

Step 5:
    Take the exam on scheduled date and time. (Cost of exam is $63)

Step 6: 
   If applicant fails exam: Applicant can reschedule for the next available exam date. Applicant can take Contractor License exam as often as needed to pass.

If applicant passes exam: Applicant can obtain the Contractor's license provided applicant has hired a qualified Master Electrician License holder or holds a Master Electrician License himself. If a Master Electrician is hired, he/she (the hired Master Electrician License holder) will need to complete ONLY Part C of the Electrical Contractor's License application BEFORE the applicant can obtain the Electrical Contractor's License. Note: Applicant MUST hold or hire a Master Electrician in order to obtain a Electrical Contractor's License Applicant receives pass notification and applicant will need to go to Electrical Division room 408 to receive Licensing invoice.

Step 7: 
   Applicant must take invoice to Licenses & Permits (L & P) Division cashier and pay appropriate fees.

Step 8
:    Electrical Contractor's License issued to applicant.