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Property Listed on Demolition List

If your property appears on the list of dangerous buildings, contact the Demolition Division to determine if the property has been ordered demolished by City Council or ordered by Buildings, Safety Engineering & Environmental as an emergency demolition, 313-224-3215.

If the property has been ordered demolished, apply for a demolition deferral. The demolition deferral application includes and required fees. Other documents that may be required for the deferral based on individual circumstances.
If the property has NOT been ordered demolished, an owner, local responsible party or property manager may provide pictures to the Demolition Division Room 434 to verify that the property is not open to trespass or the elements, is structurally sound and that the structure, yards and walkways are maintained. If approved by the department the dangerous buildings case will be frozen.
If the property will be renovated, a building permit for the renovations is required.If the property will be rented, rental registration is required. If the property will remain vacant, vacant property registration is required.