Dangerous Buildings Map

Buildings, Safety Engineering & Environmental Department has provided this map in order to facilitate city-community dialogue about vacant properties and demolitions. This online tool maps dangerous buildings and current council-approved demolitions in the City of Detroit. The information is displayed in three categories (Reported, Approved, Demolished) and will be refreshed quarterly. Corrections and amendments to the data displayed will be collated and incorporated with the subsequent update. 

Users can search by property address, filter data by category and view the information with an overlay of council district boundaries as well as communicate with the department regarding demo properties by using the feedback form.

The map was created for BSEED by Data Driven Detroit and was funded by the Living Cities/Woodward Corridor Initative

Please note the following: 
  • The demolition process includes clearances, shut-offs, approvals and project bidding as well as physical demolition. 
  • The "Reported" category indicates that an inspection has found the property open and vacant at one time. If a reported property is no longer open and vacant, please contact BSEED with supporting documentation.
  • If a structure is listed as "Approved" but is being/has been rehabilitated, the property owner should file a Demolition Deferral Application. pdf with BSEED.
  • If a property has changed ownership, the new owner should file a Property Transfer Affidavit .pdf with the Finance Department.
  • The map displays data as of October 2013. For questions or errors regarding the map, click the feedback icon included in the topbar of the map.