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Right of Way/Sidewalk Permits

Right of Way/ Sidewalks Permits .pdf

The City Engineering Division regulates work performed in conjunction with permits that require
work in the street, providing driveway curb cuts and disturbing of public walks.

All contractors must be bonded with a $2,500 Surety Bond with the City of Detroit. This bond
must be completed before any work is done in the right of way.

The bond documents may be obtained at:

  • City Engineering Division CED Permit Office< Cadillac Towers, 65 Cadillac Square - Suite 701
  • Buildings & Safety Engineering Department Zoning Counter Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, Room 402
  • Business License Center Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, Room 105

The State of Michigan or the County of Wayne may require a permit. Clerks at the permit counter
at City Engineering will inform contractors of which permit is required.

Contractors may obtain a permit application at City Engineering Division of the Department of
Public Works, 65 Cadillac Square - Suite 701. The permit application shall include locations and
dimensions of the proposed openings. It shall identify the proposed structures to be placed
therein. The application shall state the purpose of the proposed open cut or other excavations to
be made; the type of pavement or surface to be disturbed; and a close estimate of the start and
finish dates of the work.

Approval of other departments may be required. The applicant must obtain stamped approval
from those departments on the drawings. Drawings may be carried by hand, mailed, or faxed to
BSEE. For information regarding faxing, call City Engineering at 313-224-3935. Permit fees are
due upon receipt of permit.

Applicants must contact the Inspection Bureau before starting any project work in the right of way.

Sidewalk Permits

Homeowners must bring drawings of the sidewalk and/or driveway approach, with dimensions
(length x width) of area to be replaced, to the permit counter at City Engineering. The drawings
will be reviewed by the clerk to determine square footage. The cost of the permit is 50 cents per
square foot. A minimum amount of $50 is charged for permits if the area is between 73-100
square feet. If the area to be replaced is less than 72 square feet, no permit is required.
Homeowners are issued permits from May 1 through November 1. Homeowners may be referred
to the Zoning Division of Building and Safety Engineering Department for a waiver before a permit
is issued.

City Engineering Division publishes a Standard Specifications for Paving and Related
Construction manual. Construction work must comply with specifications in this manual. The
publication is available at City Engineering Division, 65 Cadillac Square - Suite 701, for $25. Call
the City Engineering Division at (313) 224-3935.

The placement of obstruction by the owner of private property on, above or below public rights of
way (including public alleys) may require the resolution/approval of City Council and separate
encroachment permits. Questions regarding encroachments should be directed to the City
Engineering Division-DPW, Survey Bureau, at (313) 224-3970.

Central Business District
All contractors working in the Central Business District -- the area bounded by the Detroit River
(S), Lodge Freeway (W), Fisher Freeway I-75 (N), and Chrysler Freeway I-375 (E) -- must first
submit a set of plans to Traffic Engineering, 2633 Michigan Avenue. The plans are then reviewed
by the Project Management Team (PMT) and Technical Review Committee (TRC) for right-ofway
requests, traffic congestion, emergency vehicle access, downtown events, parking, etc. prior
to granting the permit.

People Mover
All contractors working within 50 feet of the Detroit People Mover must obtain a permit/sign-off
from the Detroit People Mover, 1250 Park Place, Detroit, MI, 48226. The telephone number is
(313) 963-0171.