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Process Steps Wrecking Contractors License

Step 1    Step-By-Step Instructions for Completing the Request for Certificate of Occupancy is available online by visiting the City of Detroit website at (under the Buildings, Safety Engineering and Environmental Department). This document will guide you on how to complete the application accurately to ensure approval in a timely manner.

Step 2    Applicant must complete 4th page of the form: Applicant for Wrecking Contractors License.

Step 3    Applicant must obtain Verification of Supervisory Experiences from each of their prior employers and should be notarized.
If necessary, submit multiple experience verification certifications to cover at least three years of Supervisory experience in wrecking business.

Step 4    Applicant must submit application along with:
  • Employment Affidavits
  • Examination Fee $50
  • If operating as a partnership, certified copy of the Co-partnership Certificate
  • If operating as a corporation, copy of articles of corporation and most recent annual report.
  • A recent passport type photograph
  • If holding a Michigan Builders or Alteration Contractors License, copy of the wall certificate or degree.

Step 5 
   Review Application for completeness.

Step 6    Chief of Division verifies if the applicant qualifies for the Wrecking Contractors License.

Step 7 
   Applicant takes Test

Step 8 
   Wrecking Board determines if Applicant should be invited for the interview. Notifies Interview details for Oral Exam

Step 9    Applicant completed Oral Exam and/or Wrecking Board interview.

Step 10 
   Upon Wrecking Board approval, Applicant required to pay License Fee $196

Step 11 
   Buildings issues Wrecking Contractors License.