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Process Steps - Permit for Erection of Signs

Step 1  
 Licenses are required for persons, firms or corporations engaged in the business for erecting signs and poster boards.

Step 2    Supporting Documents:
Sketch of sign and wordings.
Separate plans are required for roof signs which shall show construction of roof and sign.
Separate plans are required for marquise signs showing complete details of attachment to the building.

Step 3  
 Step-By-Step Instructions for Completing the #4 Application For Building Permit for Erection of Signs and Poster Boards is available online by visiting the City of Detroit website (under the Buildings, Safety Engineering and Environmental Department). This document will guide you on how to complete the application accurately to ensure approval in a timely manner.

Step 4 
   Application must complete Application #4 - Application for Permit for Erection of Signs and Poster Boards.

Step 5 
   Customer is required to obtain Streets and Traffic approvals for erecting all Signs and boards and have them sign and date the Application.

Step 6    Submit completed Application to Room# 409 (Zoning)along with:
3 copies of the Site Plan
3 copies of the Elevation, if wall sign.
3 copies of Design and Construction of the Sign and Dimensions showing how the sign is installed.

Step 7    Zoning Inspector reviews the application and determines:
If proposed sign meets the requirement.
Does the request is subject to Structural Plan Review
Does the request subject to review by other City Agencies
Does the request subject to review by Historic City

Step 8  
Reviews the application for sign type.
Approves Application.

Step 9  
Receives Sign-Offs from Zoning and Structural Engineering.
Submits Application to L&P

Step 10    
Reviews Application for completeness.
Calculates fees.
Issues Bill detailing the permit fees.

Step 11 
Cashier collects payment by Cash, Check or Credit Card.
Issues receipt.

Step 12    
Issues permit along with two copies of the plans.
Files one copy of Plan and Application in Archive Plan room.

Step 13    Receives Sign Erection Permit.