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Process Steps - Permit To Erect Or Repair Fixed

Step 1
    Only Licensed Awning Erectors can use this Application form.

If owner, Hire an Awning Contractor.

Step 2
    Step-By-Step Instructions for Completing the#5 Application For Permit To Erect or Repair Fixed Awnings is available online by visiting the City of Detroit website (under the Buildings, Safety Engineering and Environmental Department). This document will guide you on how to complete the application accurately to ensure approval in a timely manner.

Step 3    Complete Application #5: Application for Permit to Erect or Repair Fixed Awnings.

On the Application, please provide:
Complete Owner Name, Address and zip code.
Provide complete Erector Business Name, Address and License No.
Complete all details of the Fixed Awnings.
Applications should be signed by the Licensed Awning Erector.

Step 4    Contact License & Permits to determine appropriate Fee.


Step 5  
 Prepare Application with below Supporting documents:
3 Copies of the Application
3 Copies of the Site Plan
3 Copies of Elevations
3 Copies of Construction Details
Signage Samples, if Awning are not blank.
Samples of Fabric or Material used.
Check for Permit Fee

Step 6    Mail or Submit in person to:
Room# 409
BSE&ED Engineering Department,
4th Floor Coleman A. Young Municipal Center,
Detroit, MI 48226

Step 7    

Verify if address is ordered to be demolished.
Verify for any Pending Actions by the City.
No outstanding violations on buildings – Check done on Tidemark.
Write notes on findings.

Step 8    

Customer receives application with Buildings notes / remarks.
Submits application with Zoning department.

Step 9    

Reviews Application, Plans & Notes.
Approves and issues Sign-off to erect or repair fixed Awnings.
Enter Application details into the Tidemark System.

Step 10    
Receives Sign-Offs from Zoning.
Prepares to pay Permit Fees.

Step 11    
Reviews Application and Inspection Notes.
Determines Permit Fees
Updates in Tidemark system.

Step 12    
L&P Cashier collect fee in Cash, Credit or check.
Issues fee receipt.

Step 13    
Enters payment details into the system.
Issues Awning Erection / Repair permit.

Step 14    Receives Awnings Permit.