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Process Steps - Permit For Additions, Alterations

Step 1    Home / Property owner can request permit for MINOR buildings.

For all other demolitions, a Licensed Demolition Contractor needs to be secured.

Step 2 
   Obtain Clearances from:
Utility Companies (Gas & Electric)
Water Department

Step 3 
   Customer is required to obtain Streets and Traffic approvals for all Commercial structures.

Step 4    Customer is required to obtain Department of Public Works approvals.

Step 5    Step-By-Step Instructions for Completing the #3 Application For Permit To Dismantle or Move Buildings or Structures is available online by visiting the City of Detroit website (under the Buildings, Safety Engineering and Environmental Department). This document will guide you on how to complete the application accurately to ensure approval in a timely manner.

Step 6    
Submit filled Dismantle or Move Buildings or Structures Application.
Applicant identification is required to be verified when submitting application.
Submit Property Check Statement.
Submit Copy of the Deed for Proof of Ownership.

Step 7    Buildings staff will review application and provides a clearance form.

Step 8  
Customer receives application with Buildings notes / remarks.
Submits application with Zoning department.

Step 9    
Reviews Application.
Checks address in Sanborn System (Mapping system).
Checks cubic feet, property Use Group and Zoning district for completeness of the application.

Step 10    
Reviews the application for construction type.
Approves Application.

Step 11    
Receives Sign-Offs from Plan Review and Zoning.
Submits Application to L&P

Step 12    
Reviews Application.
Calculates fees.
Cashier collects payment.
Issues wrecking Permit to the customer.

Step 13 
   Receives Building Permit.