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Change Class B License to Class A License

Wrecking Contractor Procedures .pdf

The City of Detroit has two wrecking licenses available. A “Class B” wrecking license limits
wrecking to buildings of three (3) stories in height or 35 feet. A “Class A” wrecking license
allows wrecking of all buildings. Click here to review Wrecking Class Definitions and

Wrecking operations are governed by BOCA Chapter 33, Section 3304.0, 3310.0, Ordinance
290-H, Sections 12-11-19 through 12-11-20.10., 15-98, 16-98, and 17-98.

Applicants for license must be approved by the Board of Examiners for Wrecking Contractors
and have a minimum of three (3) years wrecking supervisory experience (Forman-
Superintendent-Supervisor) is mandatory to qualify for a wrecking license in Detroit.
Experience up to two (2) years may be extended to anyone who possesses a degree or
registration as an architect or civil engineer. All employers listed on your application are
required to provide the department with an Employment Affidavit.

If you were self employed and operating your company in some other area, you can provide
evidence of experience by submitting: (1) Copies of wrecking permits, weather cards or other
copies and permit applications signed by you and listing your company as the prime contractor.
(2) Affidavits from clients or customers whose buildings you have demolished. We will not
accept testimonial letters of character. This information shall be noted in the same format as the
Employment Affidavit. (3) Copies of Workman’s Compensation audits submitted by your firm.
(4) Prior tax records.

The Board of examiners usually meets the second Wednesday of each month. However, a
special meeting can be called when necessary. Only properly completed applications will be
accepted for processing. All required application forms and support documentation must be
secured and assembled by the applicant prior to submitting for the Wrecking Board for approval.
Application package must be submitted 14 days prior to any scheduled board meeting, to be
considered for that meeting. Insurance and bonds are required as follows:

Class A & B   
Security Bond $50,000.00 
Workmen’s Compensation  

Class A  
Death one person $250,000.00 
Death over one $500,000.00
Property $250,000.00
 Class B  
Death one person  $100,000.00 
Death over one $300,000.00 
Property  $100,000.00

Exam fee is $86.00 and license fee is $302.00. All Wrecking licenses expire December 31st of
each year.