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Certificate of Occupancy

Certificate of Occupancy

A Certificate of Occupancy(C of O) is issued as required by the Michigan Building Code where a building permit has been issued and work has been completed in compliance with current codes. A C of O is issued by the Construction Inspection Division for New Construction, Major Renovations, Change of Use and to Establish a New Use (as in a tenant build out).

10 Facts for Obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy

1. Building permits obtained for new construction, to establish or change use, or major renovations require a certificate of occupancy.

2. In most cases, a certificate of occupancy requires inspections by ALL disciplines which includes buildings, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and elevators (if applicable). If no changes or permits were obtained in these areas, special (survey) inspections may be required.

3. Before requesting a certificate of occupancy, please be certain that inspections in ALL disciplines have been approved.

4. Inspections are valid up to one year, otherwise a re-inspection may be required.

5. Request for Certificate of Occupancy should be submitted via email, fax or in person in Room 408. 

6. Applicant information (contractor, company/owner or authorized person) must be on the request form as it appears on the building permit.

7. Please provide ALL permit numbers pertaining to a projects on the certificate of occupancy request form.

8. Addresses on ALL permits must correspond.

9. Please indicate specific building location, floor, suite # or area if applicable.

10. Please fill out application COMPLETELY. Information requested on the form must be provided. Incomplete request forms may result in delayed processing.

For questions regarding Certificate of Occupancy, contact the Construction Division at 313-628-2711 or