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Building Division Forms

Buildings Permit Applications

The following Building Permit types can be printed by clicking on the appropriate link below:
Application for Building Permit .pdf
  •    for Erection of New Buildings of Structures Form
  •    for Additions, Alterations or Repairs Form
  •    to Dismantle or Move Buildings or Structures Form    
Application for Building Permit for Erection of Signs and Poster Boards Form .pdf
Application for Building Permit for Erect or Repair Fixed Awnings Form .pdf

Application for Renewal or Registration of Contractor License .pdf

This is a multi-purpose form used by Buildings, Elevator, Boilers, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Contractors. Completely fill out the front portion of the form, the backside is to be completed by the Buildings, Safety Engineering and Environmental Department Staff. You will need to bring your current State of Michigan Residential Builder and Alteration Contractor's License, or previously held City of Detroit license, and driver's license. Click here to obtain the application.

Note: Demolition contractors performing demolition of 1-4 family residences must have a State of Michigan Maintenance & Alteration Contractors with “Wrecking” authorization.

Other Forms

    Application for Wrecking Contractors License .pdf
    Board of Wrecking Examiners Verification of Supervisory Experience .pdf
    Employment Affidavit for City of Detroit Wrecking License .pdf
    Request for Administrative Hearing .pdf
    Request for Board of Appeals Hearing .pdf
    Request for Certificate of Occupancy .pdf
    Request To Schedule a Fire Alarm Inspection .pdf
    Wrecking License Procedures .pdf
    Wrecking License Information Checklist .pdf