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Steps for Obtaining Business License

Process Steps for Obtaining Business License .pdf

Step 1:    Apply For Your Detroit Business License

You must have a Detroit business license to operate certain types of businesses in the city. For a list of businesses that need licenses, visit the BSEED website. Apply for the license at the Business License Center, Room 402, Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, Two Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI 48226. The Business License Application is also available for printing. The division phone number is (313) 224-3178. You must pay all license fees when you apply.

 Applicant Must Bring The Following:
    •     Assumed Name or Articles of Corporation Papers
    •    Information for all applicants and/or stockholders/corporation officers
    •    Home Address
    •    Telephone Numbers
    •    Driver License or State Identification Card
    •    Social Security Number
    •    Birth date
    •    Acceptable Form of Payment: Cash, Certified Check, Money Order or Credit Card (Master Card & Visa)
    •    Federal Identification Number (if applicable)
    •    Proof of property ownership – Lease (Notarized) or Land Contract/Property Deed (registered with Wayne
    •    County)
    •    Building Permit or Occupancy Permit (from the Zoning Counter, Room 409, Coleman A. Young
    •    Municipal Center)

Applicant must also submit the following supporting documents:
  •     Read the Requirements for Income Tax Clearance Document.
  •     Complete the Request for Income Tax Clearance form. Print a copy of the form.
  •     Complete the Employer's Withholding Registration form. Print a copy of the form.
  •     Complete the Accounts Receivable Clearance form. Print a copy of the form.

Forms Cannot Be Filed Electronically At This Time

Step 2:    Submit Completed Application including all Legal and Supporting Documents listed under Step 1.

Step 3:    Schedule All Required Inspections for Business Location
     Important Note:
Permits and Inspections will be required prior to opening your business.

Step 4:    A Certificate of License will be issued once all approvals are secured.

All Licenses Are Renewable Annually

City Ordinances are available in the City Clerk's Office located in Room 200 at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center.

If not operating a business in the City of Detroit, please check with the city or township where you plan to do business.