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Junk License Procedures

  • Obtain a Surety Bond (for the value of $2000) from an insurance or bonding agency.
  • Have the agency call us at 224-3179 to have our bonding form emailed to them. Note: the agency must print the form on legal size paper.
  • This form must be completely filled out.
  • Bring the Surety Bond form to CAYMC Rm 402 Business License Center.
  • You will be sent to the Law Department for their approval.
  • After Law Dept. approval, return to the Business License Center for license. A valid drivers license and $50 cash are required.
  • You will be sent to the Police Department for vehicle inspection (The cost is $25).
  • The button will cost $20.
    For questions about inspections, call (313) 596-5584.