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Email Questions, Complaints, Comments  BSEE Daily
General Inquiries  (313) 224-BSED (2733)
Business License Center
 (313) 224-0301
Construction Division  (313) 224-3202
 Electrical  (313) 224-3228
 Elevators  (313) 224-9401
 Mechanical  (313) 224-0113
 Plumbing  (313) 224-3118
 (313) 224-3215
Environmental Affairs  (313) 471-5108
Licenses (Trade) & Building Permits  (313) 224-3170 & (313)-224-3173
Plan Review  (313) 224-3233
Property Maintenance  (313) 628-2451
Special Projects  (313) 224-3182
 (313) 224-1317


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Building-related business handled by other City departments:

City Clerk
Requests for alley vacations (legal alley closures) and right-of-way permission for sidewalk cafes require submission of a petition to the City Clerk.

City Planning Commission
Requests for re-zoning to change "by-right" use of the property (e.g. B2 to B5) must be directed to the City Planning Commission. (Conditional land use changes may be requested from BSEE Zoning through a special land use hearing.)

Historic District Commission

Any development, construction or change to property in a designated Historic District requires approval by the Historic District Commission prior to submission to BSEE Zoning and Plan Review.

Law Department

Freedom of Information Act requests should be directed to the Law Department.

Planning & Development Department

For site development, industrial park development, development in a traditional main street overlay district and purchases of city-owned property, please contact P&DD.