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Budget Overview And Summary Financial Information


(Documents available for downloading in .pdf)

Text of the overview of City of Detroit government structure and management ("Preface" to the Budget)
and Highlights of the Budget

Summary Charts:

I. Appropriations and Revenues (14.7KB)

II. Appropriations and Revenues, Arranged by Program Category (12.3KB)

III. Appropriations by Program Category, Pie Chart (12.2KB)

IV. Revenues by Fund (16.3KB)

V. Appropriations by Fund

VI. Appropriations by Fund, Pie Chart

VII. Revenues by Major Classification (17.5KB)

VIII. Revenues by Major Classification, Pie Chart (12.9KB)

IX. Appropriations by Major Object

X. Appropriations by Major Object, Pie Chart

XI. Revenues by Major Classification-General Fund

XII. Revenues by Major Classification-General Fund, Pie Chart (11KB)

XIII. Appropriations by Major Object-General Fund

XIV. Appropriations by Major Object-General Fund, Pie Char
t (12KB)

XV. Revenue by Major Source (15.6KB)

XVI. Revenue by Major Sources, Pie Chart

XVII.  Budgeted Positions (23.9KB)

XVIII. Appropriations for Personal Services  (15KB)

XIX. Ad Valorem Property Valuations, Tax Levies and Tax Rates (11.7KB)

XX. History of State Equalized Valuations (14.3KB)

XXI.  History of Special District Tax Values, Page 1

XXII.  History of Special District Tax Values, Page 2 (13.5KB)

XXIII. History of Tax Levies, City of Detroit Properties

XXIV. History of Tax Rates (13.3KB)

XXV.  Capital Improvements for General City Agencies

XXVI.  Summary of Street Fund (10.8KB)

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