311 Call Center

311 Call Center

Our Mission

In keeping with City of Detroit's mission for the development of the Next Detroit, the 311 Call Center offers quality customer service by providing quick and easy access to City services and information.

The 311 Call Center provides easy access into City government by dialing one number to obtain information and make requests for more than 35 City departments. There are more than 400 requests that can be made through the 311 Call Center, as well as information about city events.

How to Reach 311

Land line phone From a land line in Detroit, just dial 311.  
Please note: Not all carriers will allow you to be connected to the Detroit 311 Call Center by dialing 311. If you experience problems, please dial 313-224-INFO (4636) to reach the 311 Call Center.
Work Phone From a work phone in Detroit,
you may need to dial an outside extension, e.g. "9" or "7" first, then 311. There is no need to dial 1+313 as this is not a long distance call.

  Cell Phone
From a cellular phone,

or outside of Detroit, dial (313) 224-INFO (4636).

Go to our FAQ page for more information about the 311 Call Center and learn which city services that may be requested by telephone.

The 311 Call Center uses the Motorola Customer Service Request system, which is an advanced tracking system for service request intake and the same system provides immediate routing of requests for services to the responsible department(s). That means departments will be held accountable to update the system and respond to requests for services in an efficient manner. The Motorola Customer Service Request (MCSR) system is used to streamline the management of information by providing “real-time” data access to reporting.