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Abandoned Vehicles
Abandoned Vehicles
Abandoned vehicles create community problems. Street cleaning and snow removal become difficult tasks with abandoned vehicles in the way. Abandoned vehicles in yards are possible fire hazards. Abandoned vehicles project a negative image of our city. Together, we can give Detroit the necessary makeover to produce clean streets. If the vehicle is your own: move it, have it towed, or donate it. If the vehicle is not yours; REPORT it to your local police precinct.

City Ord. - Sec. 55-6-85.
When are vehicles deemed abandoned.
The following conditions are required before any vehicle shall be deemed to be an abandoned vehicle:

(1) The vehicle shall be abandoned when it has remained on a public street, highway, alley or public place for a period of forty-eight (48) continuous hours or more and from its condition and the surrounding circumstances, shall reasonably appear to be unclaimed, discarded, deserted or abandoned.

(2) A vehicle is deemed abandoned on private property when it has remained on the private property for a period of forty-eight (48) continuous hours or more without the consent of the owner or lessee of the property, or for a period of forty-eight (48) continuous hours or more after the consent of the owner has been revoked.
(Code 1964, § 38-15-2)

Illegally Posted Signs
Illegally Posted Signs
Signs and advertisements posted without consent is illegal. Posting illegal signs creates an eyesore and distracts motorist. With your help, We can make our community safer and cleaner by: NOT POSTING ILLEGAL SIGNS and REMOVING ILLEGALLY POSTED SIGNS.

Sec. 3-1-1. Posting of notices, etc., on public or private property.

(a) Except a public officer or employee in the performance of a public duty or a private person in giving a legal notice, it shall be unlawful for any person to paste, post, paint, print, nail, glue, attach or otherwise fasten any sign, poster, advertisement or notice of any kind upon any public or private property, or cause or authorize the same to be done, without the consent, authorization or ratification in writing of the owner, holder, occupant, lessee, agent or trustee thereof, provided that this section shall not apply to the distribution of handbills, advertisements or other printed matter that is not affixed to the premises.

Illegal Homes/Dwellings
Illegal Homes/Dwellings
Illegal abandoned homes or dwellings can lead to numerous unwanted situations. Do not let children play around abandoned homes. Use the other side of street when walking by abandoned sites. For a safer community report abandoned dwellings and any illegal activity at that location to your local precinct.

City Ord. - Sec. 37-2-2.
Dwelling means a single family, two family, or multiple family property.

A dwelling shall be considered abandoned if:
(1) That dwelling is vacant, dilapidated and open at the door or window, leaving the interior of the building exposed to the elements or accessible to entrance by trespassers; and

(2) There are outstanding state, county, or municipal property taxes due on the dwelling.

An abandoned dwelling shall be considered a nuisance if that dwelling is a dangerous building, as that term is defined in Ordinance Chapter 12-11-28.2 of the 1964 City Code.

Trash Dumping

Join us in cleaning up Detroit. Illegal dumping affects our block, the community, our health, and the environment. If possible get the license plate number and description of the vehicle that is illegally dumping and report it to the local police precinct.