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Thank you for your interest in the Detroit Police Department, one of the best trained, most progressive law enforcement organizations in the country.

Special Response Police Officer Hiring Information
Diversity Statement

The City of Detroit Police Department is committed
to maintaining a police force that reflects the diversity
of the community. The City of Detroit is constantly
striving to provide the highest level of public service by
employing men and women from all backgrounds and
cultures to maintain a police department that is responsive
to the needs of the total community.

The City of Detroit is an
Equal Opportunity Employer
No applicant for employment shall be discriminated
against on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age,
national origin, disability, or other criteria prohibited by
city, state or federal law.

Compensation Package Includes
■ Shift differential (afternoon/midnights shifts)
■ Off duty court appearances
■ $250.00 annual uniform cleaning allowance
■ $850.00 annual uniform allowance for the procurement
    and maintenance of the member's required uniforms and accessories.

■ Medical, dental, and optical plans
■ Eight (8) paid holidays per year
■ Twenty (20) vacation days per year
■ Departmental issued uniforms and equipment
■ Pension plan
■ Deferred Compensation Plan (an optional pre-tax
   retirement savings plan)

Minimum Requirements
■ At least 18 years of age
■ A U.S. citizen
■ Vision must be 20/20 or corrected 20/20 in each
   eye. Depth perception and color vision must be
■ A valid driver’s license and acceptable
   driving record
■ A high school diploma or a valid GED
■ No felony conviction, (even if expunged)

Pre-Employment Test
In order to proceed in the hiring process with the
Detroit Police Department, you are required to pass the
Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards
(M.C.O.L.E.S.) Pre-employment Test.
The test consists of 120 multiple choice questions.
Half of the questions measure writing skills and half
measure reading comprehension. The test measures
skills required both in training and on-the-job.
There is a $68.00 fee for the M.C.O.L.E.S. Preemployment
Test. You may register for the test by:
1. Visiting the www.MCOLES.org website and scheduling
    the test. A debit or credit card is required for
    this method of registration.
2. If you do not have a debit or credit card, contact
    Performance Based Selection (PBS) directly to make
    payment arrangements at 1-877-422-4092.

Physical Fitness Test
The M.C.O.L.E.S. Physical Fitness Test consists of
four separate events: vertical jump, sit-ups, push ups,
and a ½ mile run.
The physical fitness test must be taken no sooner than
180 days before the beginning of the training academy
session. Tests are offered only at training academies,
which are under M.C.O.L.E.S. supervision.
There is a $45.00 fee for the test.
The results of the test will be reported as Pass or Fail.
Official notification of the results will be given to you
the same day.


1. Complete DPD Interest Card
2. Receive Information Package
Overview of the MCOLES Exams
List of documents required for application process
3. Take MCOLES Written Exam: Register Online Fee $68.
(Results must be personally submitted before you are able to proceed in the Recruiting process)
Will receive notification via telephone or U.S. mail for prescreening interview date
4. Participate in prescreening interview
Await Criminal History and Driving Record checks
Receive notice of acceptance into Application Orientation or the reason for disqualification
5. Attend Application Orientation (2 Hrs)
Receive Application Package
Assigned Background Interview Date
Receive information pertaining to the MCOLES (Physical Agility Test).

6. Appear for background interview
Assigned a day to go the DPD Headquarters for fingerprinting
If your background investigation is cleared, you will you proceed to the Oral Board assessment.
7. Enter Psychological Phase ( If Successful, you will receive a Conditional offer of employment and proceed to the
Psychological Phrase)
Written and oral psychological Interview with psychologist. (If Cleared you will proceed)
Receive notification via telephone or U.S. mail of pre-employment physical exam date or disqualification.
8. Take pre-employment medical exam (if cleared you will proceed)
9. Receive acceptance letter with date of final orientation and a phone call
10. Fingerprinting LEIN CCH

Basic Training
Upon being hired by the City of Detroit Police
Department, successful candidates become Student
Police Officers.
Basic training consists of a minimum of 562 hours
or 19 weeks of course instruction. During basic training,
Student Police Officers are expected to maintain
an overall scholastic average of seventy percent (70%).
Students unable to maintain this average will not be eligible
to take the M.C.O.L.E.S. (Michigan Commission
on Law Enforcement Standards) Final Certification
Examination. Courses and examinations include:
■ Practical Precision Driving Training and Exam
■ Criminal Law and Procedures Quizzes
■ Physical Conditioning and Training
■ Defensive Tactics Training Program and Exam
■ Firearms Training and Exam
■ First Aid/CPR- Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation
  Training and Exam

Michigan Commission
on Law Enforcement
Standards Final
Certification Examination
A representative from the State of Michigan will
conduct the orientation preceding the examination
and will proctor the M.C.O.L.E.S. Final Certification
Examination. The examination is approximately 3½
hours long and consist of 200 multiple choice questions.
Graduates of basic training must must pass the state

Upon successful completion of the basic training
program and the M.C.O.L.E.S. Final Certification
Examination, graduate Student Police Officers are
sworn in as bonafide Detroit Police Officers.