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What is Neighborhood Watch
Neighborhood Watch is a program that establishes a formal network of communication between neighborhoods and police regarding crime-related problems. Simply translated, Neighborhood Watch asks you, the neighbor, to be your brother's keeper and act as the eyes and ears for your neighbors and the police department by reporting suspicious activity.


A Neighborhood Watch group must have a minimum of two training meetings.
50% of the residences must participate in order to qualify for Neighborhood Watch signs.
If 50% participation is not met, the group will be issued Neighborhood Watch stickers in-lieu of Neighborhood Watch signs until membership reaches 50%.
The Block Location Sheet must be entirely filled out before Neighborhood Watch signs will be issued.
The Neighborhood Watch group must have (1) yearly recertification meeting to maintain its standing as an active Neighborhood Watch group, and retain its Neighborhood Watch signs.
One block resident, preferably one who is home during the day, to act as the Unified Block Parent Program volunteer.


Please Contact your local district community relations Officer for further Information on current issues or start a Neighborhood Watch program.

School Crossing Guard

Do you have what it takes to be a uniformed School crossing guard in making Detroit street safe?

If yes, then the Detroit Police Traffic Safety Unit needs you!


Detroit Police Traffic Safety at 313.596.1457

Security Tips for Businesses
  • Develop a partnership with the local public safety agency
  • Develop an on-site emergency response plan (Identify staging areas, evacuation routes, accountability, etc...)
  • Business Security Tips
  • Enhance surrounding physical security (Lighting, Cameras, Landscaping, Patrol, etc...)
  • Protect employee identity (Secure the site entrances/exits with employee access system, protect social security and credit card information)
  • Continually educate employees on their roles and responsibilities for an incident and security procedures (Exercise)
  • Report any unusual or suspicious behavior or activity (Photographers, packages, vehicles, etc...)
  • Have a business continuity plan (Keep up date records and store back up copies at an off site location)
  • Protect computer systems (Firewalls, anti-virus, passwords w/characters and numbers, etc...)