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Site Plan and Design Review

Site Plan Review
The purpose of Site Plan Review is to:

  • Protect the Public Health, safety and welfare
  • Minimize adverse effects upon pedestrian and vehicular traffic
  • Ensure that design is safe, efficient, environmentally sound, aesthetically responsive, and protects properties in the immediate vicinity and the general public;
  • Ensure compliance with the Zoning Ordinance, the Master Plan, and other documents that may control development; and
  • Provide a consistent and uniform method of review.

(See Section 61-3-141 of the City’s Zoning Ordinance)

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Design review is part of the zoning and permitting process. It focuses attention on designated areas within the City that have regional, cultural, historical or architectural qualities such as Downtown, Riverfront and Traditional Main Street Overlay Areas. Its purpose is to protect the character and appeal of these special areas by ensuring that new development, rehabilitation, additions or alterations to existing buildings are harmonious with the urban context. Design Review takes into consideration a range of urban design issues including building sitting, exterior design, appearance, massing, scale, pedestrian orientation, landscaping, lighting and signage. The following special districts and overlay areas require design review:

  1. Riverfront Mixed Use (Sec. 61-11-211)
  2. Casinos (Sec. 61-11-262)
  3. Public Center (Sec. 61-3-181)
  4. Traditional Main Street Overlay Areas (Sec. 61-11-312)
  5. Major Corridor (61-11-321)
  6. Downtown and Riverfront (Sec. 61-11-342)
  7. Planned Developments / PD (61-11-15)
  8. Urban Renewal Areas (61-11-239)
  9. Special Residential / Commercial (61-11-161)

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