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Webster's Dictionary defines zoning as "to arrange in or mark off into zones; specifically : to partition (a city, borough, or township) by ordinance into sections reserved for different purposes (as residence or business)". The City of Detroit has many zoning classifications which, in general, keep similar land uses together. For example, an industrial use is not permitted to locate in the middle of a residential area because the zoning for the residential area prohibits it. The zoning classifications are broken down into districts for residential, commercial, and industrial uses. There are also several special districts intended for certain areas or for certain types of development.

The City of Detroit zoning maps are available by clicking here.  Please note, the maps on this website are for informational purposes only.  You should verify zoning information with Planning Commission staff or the Building and Safety Permit Counter before making final decisions.

The pdf version of the zoning ordinance and summary are available by clicking here


Copies of the ordinance are available for $75.00 from the Buildings and Safety Engineering Department, which can be reached at (313) 224-3251. Click Here for information from the Buildings and Safety Engineering Department on zoning & land use and occupancy permits