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1951 Master Plan

The 1951 Master Plan for the City of Detroit can be viewed by selecting the documents below. Master Plan maps are also listed below but are not available for viewing at this site.  For information regarding the maps, contact the Planning & Development Department's Planning Division at (313) 224-1339.

Cover and Introduction
Land Use
Public Education
Public Service Facilities
Traffic Ways
Redevelopment & Public Housing
Civic Center, Cultural Center & Riverfront

Maps Associated with the 1951 Master Plan

    Land Use
        Industrial Areas
        Commercial Area
        Residential Areas
        Neighborhood Unit Pattern
        Community Pattern

   Public Education
        Composite Plan of Schools
        Elementary Schools Plan
        Intermediate Schools Plan
        High Schools Plan
        Special Schools Plan
        Service Facilities Plan

        Composite Plan of Recreation Sites
        Playgrounds Plan
        Major Parks Plan
        Neighborhood Recreation Centers Plan
        Major Recreation Centers
        Arenas, Stadiums and Swimming Pools Plan
        Miscellaneous Areas Plan

   Public Service Facilities
        Public Libraries Plan
        Department of Health Plan
        Police Department Plan
        Fire Department Plan
        Election Commission Plan
        Department of Public Works Plan
        Department of Water Supply Plan
        Public Lighting Commission Plan
        Bureau of Markets Plan

        Coordinated System of Trafficways
        Cross Section Standards
        Expressways Plan
        Major Thoroughfares Plan
        Secondary Thoroughfares Plan
        Plan of Railroad Grade Separations at Major
        and Secondary Thoroughfares

   Redevelopment & Public Housing
        Redevelopment Areas
        Public Housing Sites

   Civic Center, Cultural Center & Riverfront
        Civic Center - General Development Plan
        Cultural Center - General Development Plan
        Riverfront Development - General Plan