Department of Health & Wellness Promotion

Healthcare Enrollment and Education Event

Saturday, Dec. 13 from noon - 5 p.m.
Detroit Public Library Main Branch, 5201 Woodward Avenue

There will be individuals to help you sign up for ACA Marketplace or Healthy Michigan plans, as well as educational materials and presentations on using your new health insurance and how the Affordable Care Act affects you. For more information, see attached flyer.

For information on other enrollment events, click here.

Important Department of Health and Wellness Promotion Updates .pdf

City of Detroit Public Health Services
Detroit Department of Health and Wellness Promotion and Partners

Service Provider
as of 10-1-14

Phone Number
Children’s Special Health Care Services
Children’s Hospital of Michigan
3950 Beaubien Blvd. Lower Level, Room 0063 Detroit, MI 48201

CHM: 313.832.9342

Detroit Department of Health and Wellness Promotion
The Family Place
8726 Woodward Ave
Detroit, MI 48202

North East Health Center
5400 E 7 Mile Rd
Detroit, MI 48234 

DHWP: 313.876.4000

NEHC: 313.305.0450
Maternal Child Health

Institute for Population Health: Maternal Infant Health Program (MIHP) and Healthy Start
Detroit Department of Health and Wellness Promotion:
Bereavement, Safe Sleep, FIMR

Home Visitation

The Family Place

IPH: 313.309.9350

DHWP: 313.876.4000

TFP: 313.961.2229

WIC- Women, Infants, Children
Institute for Population Health
Institute for Population Health
The Family Place
8726 Woodward Ave.
Detroit, MI 48202

6550 W. Warren
Detroit, MI 48210

7900 Kercheval Street
Detroit, MI 48214

9641 Harper
Detroit, MI 48213

3990 John R Street
Room 2234
Detroit, MI 48201

15420 W. McNichols
Detroit, MI 48235

14061 Lappin
Detroit, MI 48205

4880 Lawndale Street
Detroit, MI 48210

IPH: 313.309.9350
Dental Services
Michigan Community Dental Clinic 
Samaritan Center
5555 Conner
Detroit, MI 48213

Wellness Center
7700 2nd Ave.
Detroit, MI 48202

Northeast Center
5400 East 7 Mile Rd
Detroit, MI 48234

MCDC: 877.313.6232
Office of Public Health Emergency Preparedness
Detroit Department of Health and Wellness Promotion

DHWP: 313.876.4000
Family Planning
Institute for Population Health
1400 Woodbridge Detroit, MI 48207

IPH: 313.309.9350
Vision and Hearing
Institute for Population Health
1400 Woodbridge Detroit, MI 48207

IPH: 313.309.9350
Lead Prevention and Childhood Lead Prevention
Institute for Population Health
1400 Woodbridge Detroit, MI 48207

IPH: 313.309.9350
Food Safety, Body Art, Pool Inspection
Institute for Population Health
1400 Woodbridge Detroit, MI 48207

IPH: 313.309.9350
Sexually Transmitted Infections

HIV Testing Services 
Wayne State University
Tolan Park
3901 Crysler Service Drive 4th fl.
Detroit MI 48201
313.745.4525 for appointments/clinic times

313-446-8961 for questions about STI’s and other clinics in the area

Wayne State University
50 E. Canfield
Detroit, 48201, MI 


Detroit Vital Records Transferred to Wayne County

Beginning in 2014, individuals must obtain Detroit birth and death certificates through the Wayne County Clerk’s Office. The Detroit Department of Health and Wellness Promotion closed its Vital Records Division permanently in  December 2013.

Obtain Detroit Birth & Death Certificates at:
Wayne County Clerk’s Office
640 Temple Street; Suite 625
Detroit, MI  48201

For Further Assistance, Please Call:

(313) 833-2887 or (313) 833-2881

Hours of Operation Will Be:
8 AM – 3 PM
Monday – Friday

For additional information on how to obtain a Detroit birth or death certificate via the Wayne County Clerk’s Office, visit

State of Michigan

Individuals may also obtain birth and death certificates through the State of Michigan Vital Records Office
By Mail: P.O. Box 30721, Lansing, MI 48909
For More Information: (517) 335-8666   

Affordable Care Act Coverage Information

Ways to Get Insurance Coverage Under the Affordable Care Act .pdf

Health Concerns About the Misuse of Pesticides for Bed Bug Control

Public Health Issues

The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are alerting the public to an emerging national concern regarding misuse of pesticides to treat infestations of bed bugs and other insects indoors. Some pesticides are being applied indoors even though they are approved only for outdoor use. Even pesticides that are approved for indoor use can cause harm if over applied or not used as instructed on the product label.      download full information


The Detroit Department of Health and Wellness Promotion (DHWP) has three core functions as defined by the Institute of Medicine (IOM).  These functions are to assess the health of the community, lead and promote evidenced-based policies that are in the public’s best interest, and assure the availability of community and personal health services that are important to the resident of Detroit. DHWP Administration exists to develop and execute the core functions. The Department of Health and Wellness Promotion (DHWP) is responsible for preventing and addressing diseases that threaten the health and well-being of Detroit citizens.

In addition, the DHWP administration exists to implement and enforce all laws and regulations within its authority to protect the public’s health and safety, including responding to emergencies, disasters and communicable disease.

The City of Detroit maintains it designation as a local health department operated by (1) the Health Officer, (2) the Deputy Health Officer, and (3) the Medical Director. These employees, at a minimum, assure the provision of required public health services, and enforce local and state ordinances, and the Michigan Public Health Code (”Code”).  The Health Office or designee exercises all powers and duties vested in them by the Code.

The City of Detroit has designated the Institute of Population Health (IPH) as the entity through which public health, substance abuse, and related health services are delivered to city residents as of October 1, 2012.  IPH was developed to address the decline in public health funding and the risk of jeopardizing the health of Detroit residents. IPH is dedicated to improving the availability and quality of population health, personal health and human services by fostering innovation, leveraging resources and building partnerships across the public sectors.

Services delegated and administered by IPH include, WIC Supplemental Food Services, Children’s Special Health Care Services and Early-On, Maternal and Infant Health Program, Insurance Enrollment, Family Planning, Dental, Vision and Hearing, Immunization, Tuberculosis Control, STD Clinic, HIV/AIDS Prevention, Substance Abuse Services, Food Safety, Environmental Safety, and Emergency Preparedness. Follow this link to view programs.

Follow this link for detailed program information on the Institute for Population Health (IPH)