Department of Public Works

Ron Brundidge, Director
Jose Abraham, Deputy Director

Mission Statement:  The mission of the Department of Public Works is to provide excellence in the delivery of essential environmental and infrastructure services, thereby ensuring a safe and clean environment for our customers in a cost-efficient manner.

The Department of Public Works is responsible for the collection and disposal of refuse and bulk waste, paving and maintaining and removing snow and ice from streets, installation and maintenance of traffic signals and signs, pavement markings on city streets and providing engineering and inspection services for all road construction work performed in the City's right-of-way.

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Contact Us

If you are trying to reach the Department of Public Works, please call 224-3901; If you have specific concerns regarding the collection of garbage, bulk, yard waste or recyclables, please call 224-3901 or 876-0004;  if you are requesting street or alley repairs, please call 224-0033; if you are inquiring about the replacement of sidewalk, please call 224-3954; if you have a concern regarding a traffic sign or traffic signal, please call 224-1610; if you have a complaint of illegal dumping or a need for rodent baiting, please contact Environmental Enforcement at 876-0974.

New Valet Parking Ordinance

The City of Detroit has adopted a new ordinance that outlines the requirements for businesses operating valet parking operations in the city of Detroit. For more information on the process, click here.

Weight Restrictions

The Frost Law will be discontinued beginning April 24, 2014, at 7:00 am.

Please note that Oakwood between Fort St. and Schaefer and Dix between Oakwood and Schaefer are to be considered all season roads without any seasonal restrictions on loads.