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2010-11 Goals and Objectives
2010-11 Work Plan

The City Planning Commission is a support agency of the City Council that has several major functions. Under Sections 4-40 1 to 4-403 of the Detroit City Charter, the Commission reviews and makes recommendations to the City Council on a number of matters, including: the Mayor's proposed Master Plan of policies for social, economic and physical development: the five-year Capital Agenda and Annual Budget, development of renewal projects; proposals for community development and neighborhood conservation; proposals for acquisitions and disposition of public real property; and proposed Zoning Ordinance amendments.

The City Planning Commission also acts as the Zoning Commission for the City of Detroit pursuant to Section 125.584 (MSA 5.2934) of State Act 207 of the Public Acts of 1921 as amended and in accordance with Article VI, Section 60.0000 of Ordinance 390-G, the Zoning Ordinance of the City of Detroit. In this capacity, the Commission processes and evaluates all proposed amendments to the Zoning Ordinance; holds the state-required public hearing, and undertakes design review of buildings and signs in designated areas.

The City Planning Commission is also responsible for the review and recommendation of proposals for the Neighborhood Opportunity Fund. In this capacity, it is advised by an eleven-member Citizen Review Committee (CRC) which was established in 1978 by City Council for the primary purpose of reviewing proposals addressing neighborhood improvements and services.

The City Planning Commission includes a Community Organizing unit which assists neighborhood groups with training and technical assistance in leadership and staff development, problem solving and goal setting, as well as management, marketing, financing and mechanics of housing rehabilitation and new construction.

The kinds of services provided by the Commission include opportunities for input at public hearings; information on zoning of particular parcels and on the process of rezoning parcels or otherwise amending the Zoning Ordinance; information on uses permitted in zoning districts and other zoning requirements; general information on development projects; specific information on projects pending before the City Council or acted on by the Council; and assistance in proposal preparation and community organizing. Maps are available for a small fee.

The Commission office appreciates being informed when citizens have concerns about development taking place in their area.

The Commission monitors projects approved by the City Council and holds workshops for community groups on proposal writing, project monitoring, and organizational development.

Brochures explaining the role and responsibilities of the Commission and its community organizing services are available at no cost, as well as an Annual Report which provides a summary of the Commissions work.

(Detroit City Charter Secs. 4-401 to 4-403)