Charter Mandated Functions and Powers

Sec. 4-201. Auditor General.
The auditor general shall be appointed by a majority of city council members serving. The auditor general shall be a certified public accountant.

Sec. 4-202. Deputy Auditor General.
The auditor general shall appoint a deputy who during periods of the auditor general's absence or temporary disability or when the position is vacant shall exercise the powers and perform the duties of the auditor general to the full extent permitted by law. The deputy auditor general shall be a certified public accountant. The deputy auditor general serves at the pleasure of the auditor general.

Sec. 4-203. Term of
The term of auditor general is ten (10) years beginning with the taking of office. The auditor general may be removed for cause by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of city council members serving. Any person who has held the position of auditor general is not eligible for re-appoint­ment.

Sec. 4-204. Employees.
In accordance with article 6, chapter 5, the auditor gen­eral may hire, promote, discipline and remove employees of the agency, assign duties to the employees, and supervise the performance of those duties.

Sec. 4-205. Powers and Duties.
The auditor general shall:

  • Make audits of the financial transactions of all city agencies at least once every two (2) years or as other­wise directed by the city council. The auditor general shall have access to the financial and other records of all city agencies at any time.
  • Make a full report to the city council of each indi­vidual audit and file a copy with the mayor.
  • As soon as possible after the close of each fiscal year, make a report of the financial position of the city. The report shall be a public record.
  • Investigate the administration and operation of any city agency and report findings and recommendations to the city council and the mayor. The auditor general may request and shall be given necessary assistance and information by each agency. The auditor general may subpoena witnesses, administer oaths, take testimony, require the production of evidence relevant to a matter under investigation, enter and inspect premises within the control of any agency during regular business hours.
  • To enforce a subpoena or order for production of evi­dence or to impose any penalty prescribed for failure to obey a subpoena or order, the auditor general shall ap­ply to the appropriate court
  • From time to time make reports to city agencies of irregularities of practice and erroneous accounting meth­ods with recommendations for improving the account­ing procedures and systems of the agencies.
  • Recommendations which are not put into effect by the agency shall be reviewed by the finance director, who shall advise the auditor general and the city council of action being taken with respect to the recommendations.
  • Upon request of the budget director, make available to the budget director all information useful in the prepa­ration of the capital agenda or annual budgets.
  • Settle all disputed claims in favor of or against the city to the extent and in the manner provided by ordi­nance. All appeals from determinations made by the auditor general shall be brought in by the court pro­vided by law. However, no proceedings may be brought upon a claim within the jurisdiction of the auditor gen­eral until the claim is rejected by the auditor general or until six (6) months have elapsed from the time of filing the claim with the auditor general.

Sec. 4-206. Limitations.
The auditor general may hold no other city, county or state office.
Except as otherwise provided in this Charter, the audi­tor general shall not have any connection with any city agency, nor be custodian of any cash or securities be­longing to the city other than the appropriation to the office.