About James Tate


James E. Tate, Jr. was first elected to the Detroit City Council in 2009. He was re-elected to represent District 1 in 2013. Before his work on City Council, he served as Second Deputy Chief for the Detroit Police Department and as an Emmy-award winning assignment editor at WXYZ-TV (Channel 7). He is a graduate of Benedictine High School and Wayne State University. Councilman Tate has lived in District 1 his entire life.

As a lifelong Detroiter, Councilman Tate is keenly aware of the challenges that plague the city and has spent his time in office moving toward solutions. Elected during Detroit’s worst economic crisis, Councilman Tate has worked to keep the city on track, including addressing two issues Detroiters care most about: crime and blight. During his first term as a member of the Public Health and Safety Committee, Councilman Tate approved thousands of properties for demolition. His experience on this committee gives him an advantage when working towards removing blighted properties. Tate continues to work with local and state officials to establish stricter guidelines and penalties for those who fail to clean and secure their properties as well.

Councilman Tate is a member of the Neighborhood and Community Services committee and has worked on the Internal Operations and City Council Rules committees. He regularly visits Detroit’s schools as well, speaking to hundreds of students of all ages, engaging them in dialogue about mentoring, self-esteem, preparing for college and setting and achieving goals.

Councilman Tate continues to focus on serving and empowering others, especially Detroit’s youth. His work in different task forces and collaborations help curb teen pregnancy, lower illiteracy and dropout rates and encourage peaceful conflict resolution. During his time on Council, Councilman Tate co-chaired the Youth Violence
Prevention Task Force, where he brought together Detroit’s pre-teens and teens to learn how to interact with others and resolve friction without violence. He initiated the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Collaboration, which works to reduce the teen pregnancy rate while raising self-esteem levels and personal health awareness. He also created the Task Force on Black Male Engagement with Councilman Andre Spivey, a task force that works with members of the community to create a plan of action for strong leadership and life coaching and career preparation. 

On evenings and weekends throughout the year, Councilman Tate can be found meeting with community groups, churches, businesses and residents ensuring that city government doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Every fourth Saturday of the month, Councilman Tate brings District 1 together for the Community Leadership Committee Meetings. At these meetings, Councilman Tate and D1 residents create open lines of communication where everyone has a role in the exchange of ideas in making this a better Detroit to live, work, learn and enjoy.