Fiscal Analysis

     Irvin Corley, Jr.
   Fiscal Analyst

   Coleman A. Young Municipal Center
   Two Woodward Ave, Suite 208
   Detroit, MI  48226
   (313) 224-1077 (office)
   (313) 224-4336 (fax)
   TTY: 711 or (800) 649-3777


  • The Mission of the Fiscal Analysis Division is to study and review all financial information necessary to advise the City Council on budgetary and financial matters to promote the economic welfare of Detroit's citizens.
  • To keep the Council current on trends such as, Performance Budgeting, Multi-year Budgeting, Strategic Planning, Long-range Planning, Activity Based Costing, Casino Gaming Industry, Municipal Best Practices and to develop a Quarterly Economic Newsletter.
  • Assist the Council in revising pension formula improvements to provide a more fair equitable pension formula for all retiree members for the General Fund system.
  • To assist the Council in identifying ways to reduce the health care costs of the City of Detroit's active employees and retirees.
Goals & Objectives
  • Monitor and analyze the city's major revenue and expenditure items.
  • Provide efficient, timely and quality reports to the Council on budgetary and financial matters.
  • Perform a thorough quality review of the Mayor's Executive Budget and quantify the City Council's changes to the proposed budget.
New Initiatives
  • Enhance The Block Grant/NOF and Lawsuit Settlement Database. Be able to compare more years at a glance. Need easier way to pull data for the report. Currently must check several sources, but don't believe they capture everything.
  • Report on the budgeting process used by other major cities focusing primarily on the legislative branch’s involvement in the budget process, type of budget developed (program, performance based, line item, etc.), and the budget cycle (one year vs. two).
  • Continue to participate in the various City Council task forces; monitor gaming tax and municipal service fee revenues.
  • Our focus is to satisfy the needs of our customers, the Detroit City Council and the citizens of the city of Detroit.

Significant Accomplishments
  • Assisted the Council in implementing a year round budgetary calendar process to set budgetary priorities for the ensuing fiscal year. Developed and formally submitted a resolution identifying Council’s budgetary priorities for FY 2001-02 to the Mayor.
  • Made recommendations to both the Council and Planning and Development Department on enhancing and facilitating the review and monitoring of tax abatement (IFEC) agreements, particularly in those instances where the terms of the IFEC may be violated.
  • Assisted the Council in selecting and hiring an energy consultant to review the complex $63 million generation equipment proposal and contract associated with the Public Lighting Mistersky Modernization Project.
  • Bachelor's of Science: Accounting major